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Guarantee of Anonymity
Guarantee of Anonymity
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Outcall and Apartments
Outcall and Apartments
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High level of service
High level of service
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Despite women's emancipation, men always choose feminine and obedient girls. It’s probably connected to ancient times when men placed the primary role in the family. The erotic fantasy of a sex slave escort remains widespread. The dream of any man it’s a submissive girl who is ready to perform all the services. However, not every woman will agree to play slave escorts. To fulfil the role of sexual slave requires a high degree of freedom and the absence of complexes. In addition, of course, the girl should be attractive. In our club, there are girls who agree to play slave escorts with you at any time. Just tell them what you are dreaming about. Try yourself in the role of the master, who is accompanied by a slave. Through this game, you get new emotions that you lack in everyday life. Feel free to own sexual desires, because they make you more relaxed and free.

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There are a large number of scenarios for playing slave and master. It all depends on your wishes. What do you want to get from slave escorts in Kiev?

  • A man is a sultan, and a woman plays the role of his beloved wife. As is well known, the eastern sheikhs had harems with several wives. But the sultan had his beloved woman, who was allowed more than the others. However, she must still be obedient. A man may at any time order something, and she should do it immediately with a tender smile. Kiev escorts will perform a similar game with pleasure. You may order traditional sex, anal sex or blowjob. You can arrange a competition between two wives. Let them perform a lesbian show for you, and you will enjoy their fondling. Slave escorts will conquer you with beautiful costumes and belly dancing.
  • A man is a medieval lord, and the woman plays the role of a concubine. Performing a similar role, the girl should be ready for any orders from the lord. If you are always excited by such a fantasy, then you can easily turn it into a reality with us. If you want to use the elements of BDSM, then our slave escorts will be able to use all the necessary devices: handcuffs, lashes, ropes for tying or fastening to the bed. All hot babies just do whatever you want.
  • A man plays the role of a robber, and the girl depicts his captive. You will be able to humiliate the girl in the process of such a game since she is forced to fulfil your requests in order to become free. She must beg you for mercy, but at the same time to fulfil all the whims. Tying hands and using a gag adds to the scenes of reality.
    Are you enjoy being bound? Or better to like do it with somebody? Just order it, using our site. Сhoose one of our mistresses in order to be on the highest peak of excitement.
    All the above-mentioned services are very popular with visitors to our club. Our girls are uncommonly pretty and know how to hit you with a slave escorts.

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Our individuals exceeded all expectations because of experience. Their blowjob technique to make you scream with pleasure. They are ready for sex slave escort and BDSM. If for some reason you cannot visit our сlub, then we offer to invite the girl to your own apartment. Feel free to get the most powerful orgasm from playing slave escorts. If you try this kind of sexual game for the first time, then choose a stop word.

Slave escorts will know where they may need to stop caress or movement. However, much more often nobody wants to stop, because they dive in a very strong wave of excitement from the actions of individuals in Kiev. Try yourself in the role of a master, who gives orders and waits for their unquestioning fulfilment. Are you a master? That's why you can afford an establishment like this.